CPD Art Workshops teach practical skills and strategies to maximise your students’ potential

All the work on this website has been created either by myself or art teachers and students under my tuition.

Inspiring art, craft & design CPD workshops

with Ruth Blackford BA(Hons) Textiles, MA Textiles, MA Illustration, Cert Ed.
Ruth Blackford - Art Room CPD Courses

These Continuing Professional Development workshops are suitable for anyone looking to:

  • Increase creative skills and teaching confidence in the classroom.
  • Introduce multidisciplinary approaches to lesson delivery.
  • Suggest innovative ways of using resources.
  • Promote high quality responses from students.
  • Develop strategies for ‘Stretch and Challenge’ activities.

Experimental Drawing Techniques

Improving observational drawing skills

This workshop shows you the breadth and potential of observational drawing, experimenting with a range of fun and experimental techniques and how to achieve impressive results quickly.

Multimedia Printmaking

Layering printmaking techniques

This workshop shows you how to combine simple printing techniques to create rich, layered results.

Advanced Collagraph Printing

Stretch and challenge

This workshop shows you how to use simple and sustainable materials to create sophisticated printing plates that can be used repeatedly to achieve a range of drawn, etched and textural effects.

Machine Embroidery

Drawing with your sewing machine

This workshop shows you how to draw with your sewing machine to create a range of colourful and textural effects.

Print and Stitch

Embellishing prints

This workshop shows you how to print on fabric and combine with free machine embroidery and hand stitching for rich colour, pattern and texture.

Art Room CPD Workshop Prices 2022