Advanced Collagraph Printing

Stretch and challenge

Two Days


Suitable for teaching at Key stage 4 and above

Cost for you to visit me per person (3 people max)£340

Cost for you to visit me (3 people max)

per person

Artroom CPD - Advanced Collagraphic - Large
Artroom CPD - Advanced Collagraphic - medium
Artroom CPD - Advanced Collagraphic - small

This workshop shows you how to use simple and sustainable materials to create sophisticated printing plates that can be used repeatedly to achieve a range of drawn, etched and textural effects.

You will:

  • Create a range of printing plates and prints in different colours on paper and fabric.
  • Incorporate chine-collé techniques.
  • Study a range of prints and observe a number of demonstrations for inspiration and understanding.
  • Study contemporary artists’ work that links to the techniques covered.
  • Understand how to set up a printing press for collagraph printing.
  • Understand health and safety issues when printing.
  • Receive a set of handouts to support your days learning.
Artroom CPD - Advanced Collagraphic - Tall
Artroom CPD - Advanced Collagraphic - small
Materials & Equipment
  • For workshops held in my studio The cost covers all materials and use of my equipment.
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