Art Room CPD Testimonials from some of my former students

I have attended both Ruth’s Machine Embroidery and Advanced Collagraph workshops and absolutely loved them. The processes covered are easily transferable to the classroom and I have confidently delivered the content taught by Ruth, to students in my KS3, GCSE and A Level classes.

Ruth’s experience and knowledge are invaluable, and her plethora of exemplars are inspiring. I left invigorated and excited to take the skills I learnt back to the classroom.

I highly recommend Ruth’s courses to all art teachers.

Ben Eggleton

Machine Embroidery and Advanced Collagraph workshops

Ruth’s 2 day Print and Stitch workshop was absolutely fantastic! I learnt so many exciting, new skills and techniques which I can take straight back to the classroom.

The workshop was cleverly designed, enabling me to differentiate for a range of abilities and hit various assessment objectives.

Ruth is an inspirational and highly knowledgeable teacher with lots of experience. She has a wide range of samples on hand which are great at providing you with new ideas.

I highly recommend these fun, engaging and inspirational workshops!

Nicole Marks

Print and Stitch workshop

The 2 day Advanced Collagraph printing workshop was truly inspiring.

Ruth introduced us to a whole range of experimental techniques and included many materials I wouldn’t have thought of using. The structure of the course was perfect with a constant progression of skills, one building on from another.

We were given time to experiment whilst Ruth was always on hand with suggestions and help. I have taught much of what I learnt to students at school with great results from a range of abilities.

It really was the most enjoyable two days and I will be back!

Jeeda Nouri

2 day Advanced Collagraph Printing Workshop

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